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Guilty-not-guilty secret: I wish I was Ke$ha

when i can’t find the words, you teach my heart to speak

Gale wonders if behaving like other men is so repulsive to Madge, then what sort of behavior makes her smile? The exact opposite? Because if so, then that means she might like— The thought is too dangerous to finish.

Gadge Monthly Prompt | April: Order or Promises

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“ John Mayer, Adam Levine, Robin Thicke. ”hawtsee

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Brother: John Mayer. Because the only way I’d willingly spend any time with this a-hole is if we were related. 

Best Friend: Robin Thicke. I’d really just use him to become BFFs with Alan Thicke, though. (Growing Pains, anyone???)

Husband: Adam Levine. The lesser of three evils. And he seems like a lot of fun! And I probably wouldn’t kill him, like I would the other two. 


Goinnnn to the bookstore 

and we’re

gonnnnna get maa-aa-aarired 



ransom and i got married several months ago in an intimate ceremony, but recently had a larger reception for more family and friends, and it was a blast! as we’re both writers, it seemed fitting to have the event at one of our favorite bookstores: the last bookstore in downtown LA. we’ve had a lot of requests for photos, so i thought i’d drop a few here. hope you enjoy them as much as we do! 

:::for the especially curious:::

my bouquet: was made from the pages of ransom’s novel (miss peregrine’s home for peculiar children).

our photographers: brandon + katrina of brandon wong photography.

venue: the last bookstore in downtown los angeles.

catering: the extremely fabulous heirloomla.

flowers: from floral art!

rentals: furniture from found rentals, dishes from dishwish!

the band: one of our favorite local indie bands, the gallery.

hugs and books!



“ I am jealous of those who think more deeply, who write better, who draw better, who look better, who live better, who love better than I. ”

— Sylvia Plath (via samwizegamgee)


(to Ian McKellen) You were saying a dream of yours is that you wanted to host a show like this. 

Omg, this is adorable.



”..Who the hell is Natasha?”

I became so engrossed in the idea of Natasha being the Winter Soldier I COULDN’T HELP IT sorrynotsorry


“ Gale, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth ” — Anonymous

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Brother: Chris Hemsworth. Um, he’s a monster of a human and would protect me from all harm and asshole men. 

Best Friend: Gale Hawthorne. This was tough because Gale would make an awesome husband, but for real, I’m not Madge Undersee and his whole temper/impulsive thing would not fly with me— I have a temper, too. I am not the calm he needs. However, his unwavering loyalty = awesome best friend. And despite what the haters say, he was a great best friend to Katniss. 

Husband: Chris Evans. The guy just seems like a gentleman and a nice human and his mom would be the coolest/best mother-in-law ever. Also he’s hot and Captain America and you really can’t do better than ‘Captain America’ as your hubby.